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Faculty of Management Science was established in 1985 when it was “Teacher College” and was known as “Faculty of Management Science” throughout the development of the university from Suan Dusit Teachers College to Suan Dusit Rajabhat University in 1995 until now it is Suan Dusit University.

Management education of the Faculty of Management Sciences is to expand the potential of learning management to be diverse in other disciplines. In addition to the teaching profession, the curriculum has been continuously developed and improved, and focus on the integration of management science to cover the needs of learners, and be able to support the labor market.

Bachelor of Management Program

To produce graduates who can manage business, Halal food, digital office with morality, ethics, service-minded, capable of information and communication technology, good personality, adaptable under changing conditions.

The course supports the expansion of the Halal food business and the development of digital technology. It is divided into 2 subject groups:  Halal food business management and digital office management.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement

  • Manager
  • Planner
  • Coordinator, organizing personnel system, office system, administrative system, project and business plan management, corporate image management.

Bachelor of Accountancy Program

To produce professional accountants who have all the qualifications, namely being an expert in the accounting profession, having skills in communicating with others, having an effective data reporting system, and effectiveness honesty, determination and willingness to work, able to give business advice, and can adjust themselves to the changes in the digital era perfectly by the development process according to the International Education Standard (IES) under the curriculum philosophy.

“Having human relations, keeping up with technology, having good language, having good ethics and creating professional practitioners.”

Opportunity for Professional Advancement

  • Accountant
  • Certified public accountant
  • Tax auditor
  • Accounting system analyst and designer
  • Executive accountant

Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Innovative Communication Arts and Entrepreneurs

Emphasis on entrepreneurship, possessing analytical, creative thinking skills, Integrating knowledge in a multidisciplinary way, the ability to communicate in Thai, English and Chinese, the application of technology, media convergence, multitasking, professionally with pleasure, having aesthetics in art leading to innovations that are linked to social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions based on being Thai and presenting them to the international.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement

  • Innovative media business entrepreneur
  • Health business entrepreneur
  • Media and content creation
  • Public relations, Brand management, and Event organizer
  • Job in the entertainment industry

Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

“To produce graduates who can apply knowledge in marketing science, technology and communication. Having human relations, adhere to the principles of morality, ethics and social responsibility”

Learning with experience, opportunity to express creativity and develop skills from experience inside and outside the classroom, build confidence and believe to lead knowledge can be applied in the future

“Enjoy learning, be proud of your rewards, and open your way to the future.”

Opportunity for Professional Advancement

  • Market researcher or Market analyst
  • Marketing strategic planner
  • Online marketer / Event marketer
  • Public relations and Marketing communicator
  • Content marketing communicator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Self-employed in marketing

Bachelor of Business Administration (Customer Service)

Growth Mindset

Remarkable Personality

Organizational Integrity

Work with refinement

Focus on analyzing problems or opportunities to improve customer service processes in a variety of business contexts and situations to deliver customer service that meets the needs of customers which has changed dynamically by focusing on the goals and sustainable development of the organization.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement

  • Customized service centric customer
  • Career in information service and helping customers in all forms (Face-to-face / Contact center / Non-voice service) to meet customer service in the “Next Normal” era.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Computer)

To produce graduates with knowledge, skills, competencies, expertise and individual characteristics, able to apply knowledge in business information systems in the digital economy society, to pursue a career in the other company or their own business, and also have the knowledge of business administration, computer systems, information technology, communications, and transportation to manage business in a changing society belong to digitally intelligent people.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement

  • Business executives in the digital economy society
  • Business Information support officials
  • Digital business entrepreneur / Online business entrepreneur

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in International Business China-ASEAN Business

To produce graduates with knowledge and competence in international business,

focus on business between China and ASEAN countries, able to use Chinese and English to do business under the digital business system, able to think critically and creatively, able to apply digital technology for international business, be desirable graduates from the labor market and have an entrepreneurial ethic.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement

  • Private sector officials who operate international business, multinational company, Import – export company, Shipping company, Sea and air freight company, China – ASEAN business company
  • Managers or executives in multinational company, Company dealing with China – ASEAN
  • Entrepreneurs in trade between China – ASEAN
  • Entrepreneurs importing and exporting products to the Chinese – ASEAN markets
  • Cross-border e-commerce entrepreneur

Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business)

To produce graduates who have the knowledge and ability to think and plan

international business in a timely manner according to the changing world situation. Have technology skills, good personality, morality, ethics and responsibility to society and the environment.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement

  • Personnel of government sector entities such as the Department of International Trade Negotiations, Department of International Trade, Ministry of Commerce, etc.
  • Personnel of private sector entities such as international business companies, international business consulting firms, etc.
  • Import and export entrepreneur
  • International business entrepreneur

Bachelor of Business Administration (Creative Business and Digital Technology)

To produce graduates with service mind, create valuable works develop, being

digital citizens who can develop businesses in society and the digital economy from creativity and strengthen characteristics of the modern entrepreneurs who strive for quality success.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement:

  • Entrepreneur in society and digital economy / Online business owner
  • Officials in business information project
  • Analyst and Business System Designer
  • Program designer / Program developer / Programmer
  • Digital media designer / Website designer / Multimedia designer

Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Administration)

The curriculum corresponds to the changes economic and policy directions of the country. In the science of business administration which related to marketing, finance, investment, logistics services, human resource management. and being an entrepreneur in order to obtain personnel who can use innovation and technology modern digital work efficiency, also have English communication skills, creativity, able to think critically, have human relations, able to work with others to be ready with morality in business, and be a professional in the job.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement:

  • Marketer, Content creator, Creative media and marketing activities manager
  • Business entrepreneurs, Business development planning analyst, Product designer and


  • Financial Manager, Financial analysis, Financial innovation developer
  • Logistic service operator, Importer-export agent
  • Data analysts, and develop human resource management system

Bachelor of Business Administration (Medical Secretary)

To produce graduates who are an ethical medical secretary with knowledge and problem-solving skills, have human relations, able to integrate knowledge of secretarial, administrative, and medical knowledge management together, and has a distinctive personality It covers at least 5 aspects of learning outcomes: morality and ethics, knowledge, and intellectual skills, interpersonal skills and responsibility, and numerical analysis and communication skills and using information technology, which will encourage graduates to have careers and generate income for their livelihood.

Opportunity for Professional Advancement:

  • Executive secretary and medical organization
  • public health officials and health business